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A basic website starts from just $880.00
This typically consists of five core pages, Home, About, Information, Gallery & Contact. The title, content & purpose of these pages are entirely up to you, they can be whatever you wish. As a part of our basic package we include three galleries, each with up to twenty amazing full browser images.
Additional pages, galleries and a world of extra features are available on request. Please get in touch with us to discuss your options in further depth. We are super flexible!

If you'd like a bit fuller featured web site with:
Tumblr or Posterous blog integration
Up to 100 gallery images
Up to 12 individual pages
Complete links to your accounts with Facebook, Flickr, Linkedin, Tumblr, You Tube and over twenty more social networks.
Also included is up to five forms for your visitors to contact you. These forms can be used in all types of ways including obtaining quotes, collecting feedback, newsletter signup, file upload, the options are endless.
If file upload is required, we can also integrate direct secure uploading to your Dropbox account.
This complete full featured website is priced at a very reasonable $1450.00

We are very flexible!
If you have specialist needs or require additional functionality on your website, get in touch to discuss your options further.

No ongoing cost.
We don't charge any ongoing fees to maintain your site. With fees, what you see is what you get. Our basic website comes ready to go for just $880.00 AUD with NO MORE TO PAY!
*If a CMS (Content Management System) is required, a very reasonable monthly charge applies.

The 'Photosite' is my specialty. A web site all about photographs.
Big, full browser images! You choose how much or little text is used. Get in touch to discuss your options.
This web site is a great example of what 'photosites' are all about.
If you'd like to learn more about Photosites,
click here.

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